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Are you interested in partnering with one of the nation’s largest consumer fashion events?

Commercial partnership opportunities are now open for Gold Coast Fashion Week 2023 Expanding on our existing partnerships, GC/FW is looking to engage with brands that are forward thinking and innovative in their engagement with consumers and/or clients.  Our team will work with you to bring your brand to life, including: concept development, multi-channel touchpoints and opportunities to engage in physical and/or digital GC/FW spaces.

Partnership opportunities are limited only by your imagination.  A partnership with GC/FW can offer everything from the ability to host private VIP parties and behind the scenes tours, to ownership of designer runways and interactive consumer engagement spaces, all held at iconic Gold Coast locations.  

If you are looking for a creative and innovative way to engage with your consumer base or clients and/or tap into a highly motivated fashion and lifestyle audience, GC/FW will provide you a solution that will be truly memorable.

Contact the GC/FW Sponsorship and Partnership team.

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