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Fashion is Alive & Well on the Gold Coast


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Australia's Gold Coast is located in South East Queensland where the climate is sub-tropical and brimming with opportunity for art and culture. The Gold Coast is fast becoming more than just a tourist destination. The town is becoming a city to rival Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne with our own nod to Fashion every Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. Our closest international neighbours are flocking here as it is the premier place in Australia to live, work and visit. 


The town boasts HOTA (Home Of The Arts) with Hollywood knocking on our door increasingly over the last few years, driving our local economy into a robust epicentre of non stop cultural excitement and activity. The Mayor Tom Tate, Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk and the Gold Coast City Council are responsible for the flourishing interest from around the world. 

Given the lay of the coast and climate, Gold Coast Fashion Project incorporated aims to showcase our fabulous local designers and bring an inclusive look at indigenous and diverse cultural influences. ​The Gold Coast is truly coming of age as a fashion capital.


Fashion that is unique and distinctly coastal, will be showcased with the energy and creativity of our people. The City is proud to host new generation fashion designers, influencers, media, and buyers for local boutiques with a "straight to trade" policy. If you see it on the runway, you can purchase on the day or head to the online store.

In hosting GCFP, we’re giving a myriad of designers, from established to new labels, the opportunity to highlight their collections to the world.  This event carries the buzz and excitement of Fashion Week throughout our local Council area, with the nod of approval from Mayor Tom Tate.



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